School Leaders

Our School Leaders are very important to the running of Greatham Church of England Primary School.

We attend school council meetings during lunchtime and have the responsibility of making decisions that are beneficial to the school, community and pupils.

Pupils at Greatham Primary School are encouraged to ask or request what they would like from their school. Different ideas are put forward, on written slips of paper, which are collected in the suggestion box.

If a really good idea is put forward and all of the school council agree, we then ask Mrs Dunn if we can arrange for it to happen.

In the past, we have raised money for new playground markings by holding a Strawberry Fair.

Our next goal is to raise money to buy new and exciting games for indoor play times.

Our Leaders have a number of responsibilities around school and outside during playtimes and lunchtimes. We have monitors, a sport crew, Good News Gang and house and vice captains.